Spicy Blanket

Apologies that I have not posted in a while but I was hoping to finish this blanket before I posted about it. I’ve been inspired to try a ‘Spice of Life’ Blanket. The pattern was created by Sandra Paul and you can find it on her Cherry Heart blog

My little boy has been bugging for a blanket of his own and decided he wanted an orange blanket. I finally managed to convince him to add colours but he wouldn’t accept all my choices so we settled on Stylecraft DK in Parchment, Mocha and Spice.


I showed him various photographs of different Spice of Life Blankets. His only request was that he didn’t want lots of holes. I was allowed to do granny stripes but not stacked grannies and he didn’t like the V stitch rows either. So it’s ended up as a bit of a twist on a Spice of Life and I’ve sort of done what I want to a certain degree.


As you can see I’ve mainly used plain treble rows, granny stipes and waves. So far we are both really happy with it. Though I am not liking all the ends and really should start sewing them in along the way, though I fear I may spend a day doing them all at the end before a border!


I managed to sew a few in last weekend whilst watching Home Fires, this meant I could concentrate on the programme. It’s about half way now but I have a few other WIPs to finish before I can finish this blanket. Am I the only person who can’t have just one project on the go? I think at last count I had 4 – oops!!

Hopefully I will get this blanket finished by the end of the month though I’m not sure yet what border to finish it with so if you have suggestions please send them over!

Thanks for reading and I hope you’re all enjoying the lovely sunshine on this Sunday afternoon!

Amy x






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