A fishy tale!

I finally completed it! After having to frog multiple rows a few times to get the decreasing right it’s finished and I’m pretty happy with it for a first attempt!

The main body of the tail is simple rows of treble crochet stitches worked around and around, I then started decreasing once I had enough length.

mermaid body.jpg

I then got on with the fin part of the tail. I read a really simple pattern on Mixin it up with DaPerfectMix‘s blog that made a really good and simple looking fin that I thought would work well on this blanket.

It involves making each fin separate before joining together and joining the top end to create the fin. Very simple yet very effective.


All that was left then was to attach the fin to the blanket and weave in all the pesky ends which I must admit is a really annoying job that I should start doing as I go along to make life easier!

This mermaid tail blanket is for on of my gorgeous nieces but I did manage to convince my son to model it for me in return for some marshmallows!


I have a feeling this won’t be my last mermaid tail blanket as I know a lot of little girls who would want one! I’d love to see the photos of your mermaid tail blankets. My son has decided he wants a dragon tail blanket so I need to get my thinking cap for that one!

Thanks for reading!


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