Mermaid Tail Blanket Take Two

I have lost track the amount of times I’ve been asked to make a mermaid tail blanket, at one point I was being tagged in photographs daily by people wanting one. The problem is that unless you knit or crochet or do some sort of craft you don’t always understand the work that goes into things like this, yes it may look simple but they take up a fair amount of yarn and a good deal of time for the crocheter or knitter.

But my sister-in-law sent me a picture the other day and I decided to give it another go. I’d already attempted one last year and got bored 19 rows in!

mermaid tail take one.jpg

My second attempt is an easier pattern of simple stitches done in rounds so it will work up a lot quicker. I decided not to waste the yarn I had previously bought so I’ve combined the blue and purple for one tail and the pink and green for another. I do like using two yarns held together and it gives a lovely finish to a piece.

colours entwined

This is the blue and purple in very bad lighting! I usually crochet while my little boy falls asleep so I only have a small lamp on. The two colours work well together though I think and give a lovely effect. On this one I started with rows to create an opening at the top of the blanket, makes it easier to pull it up over the childs legs I think.

mermaid tail take two

Here you can see the opening in more detail. I then decided to edge the opening and the top in just the blue to make it a little neater. I held two strands of the blue yarn to keep the chunkiness to the blanket.

edging complete

Here is the edging, again apologies for the bad lighting, this is actually Stylecraft DK Storm Blue. After doing some rows for the opening as shown above I joined the two ends and began working in the round and as I continue I will start to decrease to create a tail shape. I actually ran out of yarn which I hate doing mid project as I usually find it takes me longer to get back into a project, I am sure the crafters out there will understand what I mean!

Yarn emergency over this morning as I collected my parcel from the sorting office, I get so much joy from these lovely organza bags filled with woolly goodness!

new arrivals

The black is for a shawl for myself, the blue and purple is for the mermaid tail. They’re a bit clearer in this photo thanks to the daylight!

Hope everyone has a lovely Easter whatever you have planned! We have been making some Home Brew cider and Friday is bottling day so that will be fun! Other than that I think a lot of rest and crochet is on the cards! Hopefully I will be back with an update on the mermaid tail next week!


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