Mother’s Day Shawl

I recently had a moment of madness and decided to attempt a shawl for my Mam for Mother’s Day, the madness being I decided this only a month before Mother’s Day itself.

Now don’t get me wrong I know a month is enough time but when you work full time and have events on the weekends and a 5 year old to entertain it doesn’t leave much time for crochet. I decided to make the shawl with Stylecraft Cabaret yarn in Rainforest shade. I have been itching for an excuse to order this yarn so this seemed like the ideal solution.

Cabaret RainforestIsn’t it a gorgeous?

Initially I had wanted to try the ever so popular Virus shawl but after looking at the pattern and getting very confused (I’ve since googled some more and will attempt a virus shawl next!) I found a similar pattern for a ‘Shawlette’. It’s called the South Bay Shawlette and was created by Lion Brand. They class it as an Advanced Intermediate pattern but I think it was pretty simple and didn’t confuse me like the Virus Shawl pattern.

Here is the shawl taking shape:


It works up really quickly and has a lovely pattern repeat so I didn’t have to keep checking the pattern. The colour changes on the Stylecraft Cabaret yarn is very subtle and the colours blend very well in this shawl.


It also have a lovely glitz to it as you can see from this photo. I managed to finish the shawl with a week to spare, which was lucky as we all came down with the dreaded stomach bug the week before Mother’s Day.

Here it is in all its glory on my new friend ‘Miss Mannequin’


I made it quite large and it took 4 balls of Stylecraft Cabaret, I could have stopped after 3 but wanted it long enough to wrap around like below


My Mam was thrilled with it and it’s perfect for her upcoming holiday at the end of the month. I am looking forward to seeing pictures of her wearing the shawl in the gorgeous mediterranean sunshine. I am hoping to make another one or perhaps a virus shawl but I might try it in one colour next time, but I will keep the glitz as I think it really smartens it up. Might be a project for my own holiday in the summer!


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